Running and Jogging

Be careful about running or jogging in the summertime. Summers in South Texas are very hot, with temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Any running is recommended in the early hours or late afternoon.

Mission, Texas is not a high-traffic area, making most of our streets safe for jogging and running. However, if you prefer jogging and running in areas away from traffic, you may want to head the Mission Hike and Bike Trail, located on South Conway Ave. The trail gives runners 5 miles of paved trail.

If track running is preferable, most city parks have paved tracks to allow for walking or running laps around the parks.

Bentsen - Rio Grande Valley State Park offers 2 miles of paved trail around the park and several nature trails for cross-country running.

During non-school hours, Mission High School and Veterans Memorial High School have open tracks for public use. Many residents take advantage of these tracks.